Rashnik Double Burners Glass Top Gas Cooker

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 RASHNIK  is a leading Home and living Products Brand that has been offering high quality and affordable products for a while now. RASHNIK 2-burner Gas cooker RN:1515 is quite elegant  with round burner design which ensures that the flame is uniformly distributed under your cooking pot.

The glass top gas stove double burner is made from strong and hard glass panel with steel material that give the gas cooker a very rugged look that guarantees durability.

This RASHNIK  2 burner meets the standard with an eye-catching design, easy to clean surface, gas-saving burners, and auto-ignition.

The 2 burner makes cooking an easy and fast task with two meals being made simultaneously.

The structure guarantees a high level of efficiency with the anti-rust feature.


Key Features

  • Gas saving technology
  • Double burner for fast cooking
  • Strong and hard glass panel top with steel
  • Gas Pressure: 2800pa
  • LPG gas fired.
  • Auto ignition


  • Area of Use: Kitchen
  • Color: multicolour but design may differ
  • Main Material: Metal and Glass
  • Product Line: Palace Styles Stores
  • Weight (kg): 4.5


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